Things to Know about Stem Cells

Stem cells are pretty controversial, and new therapies that use them are either widely praised, or rejected. But no matter which side of the debate you fall on, the stem cells are pretty important to science and should be studied.

A stem cell is basically a cell that makes all other cells and is very customizable. Cells divide and double, and normally they produce more of the same. When a skin cell divides it becomes two skin cells, when a blood cell divides it becomes two blood cells, and when a stem cell divides it either creates a specialized cell or more stem cells.

So stem cells are basically the start point for the cell production, and they can generate new cells as needed by the body. They are the only cells that can do this, and that’s why they are so valuable.

The Research behind Stem Cells

Scientists and doctors want to use stem cells to help the field of regenerative medicine, or letting the body heal itself. Several diseases could be better understood or even controlled by stem cell therapies, such as spine injuries, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and burns.

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They can even be used to test new drugs and see if they have any effect on the body. For example, if a new medicine is designed to take on bone disease, then bone cells can be grown from stems and then affected by the disease. Depending on how the drug affects the control group, it’ll provide research into how it would work in the human body.

Where Do They Come From

That’s the first question when you want to Learn About Stem Therapy Treatment. Stem cells can either come from young embryos, adult stem cells, or adult cells that have been changed to become stem cells. The Embryonic stem cells are made from embryos that are less than a week old, and they are the most powerful stem cells in the body. Adult stem cells are great, but they are limited in what they can do, and they are being tested in various ways to see if they can help outpatients.

Normal cells that have been edited to mimic the properties of stem cells are also a possibility, and it has been done, but the benefits to humans are still being tested and figured out.

The Controversy

Getting deep into the controversy is beyond this article, but basically, since stem cells from embryos are the most powerful types of stem cells, they need to be collected from embryos. This has made a lot of people uncomfortable since embryos are the first steps to making a living baby. The debates are fierce on both sides of the issue, and hopefully with the study into adult stem cells, will be finished soon.

There’s no denying that stem cell therapy can lead to some major medical breakthroughs that will help countless people, but it’s the issue of how we get there that is the topic of controversy. With the study into how adaptable adult stem cells can be, hopefully, we’ll figure out a way to appease both sides.